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Flood Insurance in Texas

Versatile Insurance Planners' Flood Insurance

San Antonio, TX is a thriving metropolitan region, and its growing, diverse economy attracts more people to the city every day. For those who do settle in the area, the mild winter weather and lovely landscape offer ample opportunities for outdoor activities. However, those landscapes and the potential summer weather often combine to form a prominent flood risk. Anyone living in the region needs flood insurance if they want protection.

Do I need flood protection?

San Antonio sits near the southeastern edge of the Hill Country, known for its rolling hills, limestone, and flash flooding. The city is also just a couple of hours' driving from the Texas gulf coast and the tropical systems that can come onshore. Homeowners and renters in the region need to be prepared for the possibility of flooding. Not only does this mean having an emergency plan and supplies in place, but also having the right type of insurance to deal with the damage done during a flood.

Typical renter's and homeowner's insurance does not cover flood damage in Texas, even if it's from a hurricane or a broken pipe. Specific flood coverage is necessary, and as Hurricane Harvey showed in the Houston region, you never know what can truly happen during a storm as one neighborhood floods and another stays above the water. This is why, whether you live in a high-risk flood zone or not, you need to invest in flood insurance. Do not be fooled; home insurance does not cover the risks that flooding brings to your home.

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Don't take a chance with your belongings, even if you're near the top of a hill or in a rental unit on the top floor of an apartment building. Residents in San Antonio, TX should give Versatile Insurance Planners a call to discuss flood policy products immediately because floods usually happen with very little warning. A 30 day period will also be required before you are approved for a flood policy. Reach out to our Texas agents to learn more. We can help you with a quote and teach you more about what a flood insurance policy can do for you, your family, or your business.