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Life Insurance in Texas

Texas Life Insurance from Versatile Insurance Planners

Most individuals in San Antonio, TX consider life insurance as the foundation of a sound investment plan. While nobody likes to think about dying and leaving their loved ones, life insurance can save you from financial worries once you are gone. Life insurance gives you investment security to be used when you are not there anymore to provide.

Your beneficiaries can use the policy to pay for expenses like funeral cost, medical bills, rent, mortgage expenses, and funding for kid’s education among others. This helps to ensure that your family stays financially safe. At Versatile Insurance Planners, we understand that choosing the best life insurance coverage is a big decision and there are numerous factors to consider. Our skilled team of professionals are dedicated to walking you through the journey and providing you with an adequate insurance solution that fits the requirements of Texas that offers your family the reassurance they deserve.

There are two main types of individual life insurance in Texas:

Individual life insurance

This policy is purchased by individuals and protects the life of one or more individuals in single coverage. These plans have strict underwriting procedures because the risk is based on a single person. Some of the factors considered when purchasing this policy include age and health. Individual life insurance can be purchased as whole life, term, or universal coverage.

Group life insurance

This coverage is mostly purchased by organizations, employers, churches, unions, and governmental entities, and individuals are protected under a single contract. If you do not qualify for individual coverage due to health or age, this might be a good option for you. Group life insurance can either be whole life, term life, or universal coverage.

If you are in need of life insurance in San Antonio, TX, contact Versatile Insurance Planners, and we will educate, inform, and provide you with life insurance coverage ideal for your needs. Reach out to our agents by phone or drop by our office to get a guiding hand through life insurance coverage.