Does Commercial Insurance Cover with my Business?

Disasters, natural or manmade, can be catastrophic. There’s a wide array of calamities that can shutter the doors of your company, regardless of the business you are involved in. It could be an employee hacker, asbestos, mold, fires, or even a tornado. Should any of these perils occur and threaten to make your San Antonio, TX business go under, you should be able to rebuild. But that won’t happen if you aren’t fully prepared. 

Commercial Insurance for your Business

Commercial insurance from Versatile Insurance Planners is the best way to protect your business from financial losses emanating from these occurrences. There are many types of commercial insurance, but the most common ones are workers comp insurance, property insurance, and liability insurance.

  • Property Insurance – This policy covers company assets including buildings. For instance, this policy will pay for damages resulting from a fire in your office space. There are many types of additional property insurance to purchase depending on the nature of your business. 
  • Liability – General liability insurance will cover damages and injuries caused to any third party by your business. If someone sues your business for property damage or injury, this coverage will pay for the legal process. Malpractice Insurance and Errors and Omissions Insurance are common forms of more specialized types of liability insurance.
  • Workers Compensation Insurance – You need to make sure that your employees are properly covered if you want to run a successful business. Getting a workers’ compensation policy is one of the best ways to do it. This policy covers the employees against work-related injuries. This type of commercial insurance is required in many states.

If your business has company cars, you also need to ensure that your employees are covered when driving a company vehicle. There are a lot of options when it comes to commercial insurance. If you have or are planning to start a business in San Antonio, TX, Versatile Insurance Planners is the place to get your coverage. Call us and speak with an agent if you need more information on our commercial insurance products.