Is it time to upgrade your auto insurance plan?

Some purchase auto insurance plans in San Antonio, TX and never look back. There are many benefits associated with paying your monthly premium on time. You can, however, benefit from having auto insurance, even more, when you monitor your insurance rates and upgrade as necessary. The agents at Versatile Insurance Planners can help you determine when it is time to update your coverage so that you are fully protected. 

What makes a good insurance policy?

The best auto insurance policies meet the state’s minimum requirements while also protecting your personal finances from detriment in the instance of an accident. Texas is not a “no-fault” state, which means that drivers are expected to take responsibility for damages they cause in an incident. 

At a minimum, drivers should show proof of at least $30,000 per person worth of coverage for bodily injuries ($60,000 per accident). Drivers should also provide proof of property coverage that pays at least $25,000 per accident. 

In addition to the state minimum, San Antonio TX drivers should also consider uninsured motorist protection along with higher policy limits. Choosing higher policy limits raises the monthly premium, but such an amount may prove beneficial if you have an accident that causes substantially more damage than the state’s minimum requirements. 

When is it time to upgrade?

You should consider upgrading your policy if you have purchased a new car. It may be necessary to increase your policy’s limits to accommodate the new purchase. You should also consider an upgrade if you add a teen driver or have recently moved. 

There are times when an upgrade to your policy alone is not enough. It is during these times that you may want to consider going with another provider altogether. The agents at Versatile Insurance Planners can help you find an auto insurance plan that best fits your lifestyle. Call them today if you need to upgrade your indemnity plan. 

Why It’s Time to Review Your Auto Policy

Buying a new car is an exciting event, and it’s likely that when you selected your policy for that new vehicle, you did a thorough review of all of the features and benefits. As time goes on, it’s typical that owners simply renew their current policies without too much of a review. It may have been years since you’ve done a full review of your auto policy, and it may not meet your current needs. Versatile Insurance Planners is here to help the greater San Antonio, TX community with all of their insurance needs. An annual policy review is a great idea for all insurance types!

  • Value of your car — your car has likely decreased in value now that it is older and has more miles. Make sure that you have adequate collision and replacement coverage in the event that it is deemed a total loss.
  • Driving habits — have you changed jobs and now have a shorter commute? Or has something in your life changed and you are now driving your vehicle a lot more? Let’s take a look and make sure your policy protection is consistent with your current driving habits.
  • People using the vehicle — teenage drivers require a different level of insurance coverage than experienced adult drivers. If you have added or dropped a teenage driver, you’ll want to update your policy coverage.

Let the team at Versatile Insurance Planners help you with an auto policy review. It’s important that your San Antonio, TX area car is fully insured with the right type of coverage. Life changes, and it’s easy to overlook the need for an annual policy review. Give us a call today and let us help you make sure your current auto policy provides the appropriate protection.

How Much Car Insurance Do You Really Need?

If you want to protect yourself, you need to know the basics of the different types of auto policies. Whether you are driving an old beater or a brand new car, you have considerations to make about which policy will prove the most valuable to you. The primary categories of car insurance are basic, extended, and premium. Versatile Insurance Planners of San Antonio, TX will examine all of your options and answer any questions that you may have about the policy that is right for you. 

Basic Auto Insurance Policy

Three basic types of auto insurance include:

  • Collision – This covers any damage that occurs to your car that is your fault. Sometimes you may be driving an old beater and decide not to use this coverage and retire the car instead because the deductible may outweigh the actual value of the vehicle.
  • Liability – Doesn’t protect you but protects anyone that you are "at fault" for hitting including property and bodily damage.
  • Comprehensive – Recover damages from theft, fire, or natural disaster.

This is the bare minimum in insurance that most can’t risk not to have. 

Extended Auto Insurance Policies

After you have your basic policy covered, you may decide to add on additional policies. Here are some options:

  • Guaranteed Auto Protect (GAP)
  • Medical Expense Coverage (MedPay)
  • Uninsured or Underinsured Motorists
  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

Premium Auto Insurance

Sometimes this is called full coverage. If you have a car with a loan, you will be required to have this policy with the bells and whistles included. Here are some things that may be included in this policy.

  • Rental Reimbursement
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Coverage
  • Mechanical Breakdowns
  • Custom Equipment Coverage
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Umbrella Insurance
  • Glass Coverage

Versatile Insurance Planners in San Antonio, TX has You Covered

We will ensure that you don’t spend more money on coverage than you need. We work with several insurance companies so that we can get you precisely the right kind of insurance that you need that is most valuable to you and your lifestyle. To find out more, visit our office or give us a call at  210-858-9860. 


Choosing a Car Insurance Provider

Whether you want to change your car insurance or just purchased a new car, you now need to shop around for insurance. You want a company that’s reputable, among other assets. At Versatile Insurance Planners, serving San Antonio, TX and the surrounding area, we desire to educate individuals looking for insurance on what to look for in an insurance provider.

Level of Coverage

Before you begin the process, you want to choose how much coverage you need. You also want to consider how new your car is and the funds you have if you should happen to need to make repairs or purchase a new one. At this point, you should also take into consideration if want your insurance to cover natural disaster and theft. Keep in mind, not all insurers offer the same level of coverage. 

State Insurance Providers

If you visit your state’s department of insurance, you can find a list of providers who serve your state. You’ll want to narrow down your options to the ones who offer the level of coverage you desire.

Check Reviews Online

Often, one of the easiest ways to compare insurance providers is to search online for reviews. You’ll find information regarding the experiences that previous customers had. You may want to look them up on the Better Business Bureau’s (BBB) website to see if they’re accredited and if they have any disputes against them. The AM Best Company offers information regarding the financial strength of an insurance provider. 

Get a Quote

The next step to comparing car insurance providers is to get quotes from different companies that had high ratings and the level of coverage you require. 

Contact Versatile Insurance Planners, serving San Antonio, TX and the surrounding area, for a quote for insurance by contacting us at 210-858-9860.


Influencing your car insurance rates

Insurance companies have a basic rate they charge for automobile insurance.  The State of Texas requires basic liability coverage, and you may want comprehensive and collision if you have a newer car or are still paying off your vehicle.  While they are some basic rates, there are several things in your life that can affect how much you will pay. VersatileInsurance Planners in San Antonio, TX can help you put yourself in the best light and get you the coverage you need.

Where you live, or where you drive the most, is one of the major factors in determining insurance rates. Your credit score is also very important and is often the biggest factor in determining how much of a discount you qualify for.  The age of the primary driver is also a major consideration. Teenagers cost more because they have more accidents.

A driving record can also have an influence on how much your insurance will cost. Speeding tickets or moving violations will make you seem like a greater risk so your premiums will cost more. Some offer discounts if you have not had an accident in several years.

The type of car you drive will also affect your rates, as well as the value. Some cars are stolen more often than others. Whether the car is used for business is another factor. Some other factors include your occupation, whether you are a parent, and whether you are a homeowner. Whether you have a garage or park on the street, is yet another consideration.

Visit or call Versatile Insurance Planners of San Antonio, TX today to find out how you can get the best car insurance for your situation. You may also use our online tool to help you get an idea of what the insurance will cost.


What to do with your vehicle after an accident

You have had a crash while driving your vehicle. Fortunately, everyone seems to be unhurt, and you have exchanged all the information you need with the other driver. Now comes the question of what to do with your vehicle. Versatile Insurance Planners, serving San Antonio, TX, strongly advises that you take your vehicle to a body shop immediately to have it evaluated, preferably by having it towed.

To be prepared for such emergencies, you should have a membership with an auto club such as AAA. The annual fee will likely pay for itself the first time you have to have your vehicle towed to a garage or body shop.

You may be reluctant to take your car to the shop immediately after an accident, especially if it seems to have just sustained a scratch or a minor dent. However, the kinetic energy that a car crash creates can cause a lot of hidden damage to your vehicle. The frame or undercarriage may have become so compromised that taking it on the road can cause a catastrophe at the next sudden stop or bump on a pothole. If the initial crash does not hurt you, this kind of accident just might. At the very least, the damage to your car may be exacerbated, increasing the cost of repairing it.

A trained and experienced body shop technician can evaluate your vehicle and tell you what needs to be done to get it back into a drivable condition and, most importantly, how much it will cost. While this process is happening, you can get into a rental car and be on your way.

If you have any questions concerning car crashes or about auto insurance in general, contact Versatile Insurance Planners, serving San Antonio, TX.


Does a Person’s Credit Score Really Impact Auto Insurance Rates?

When you go to apply for car insurance in San Antonio, TX, there are many factors taken into consideration by the carriers you receive quotes through. From your past driving record to whether or not you currently have insurance, these factors will impact the quotes you receive. Another element that is taken into consideration by many insurance carriers is your credit score. The higher your credit score, the more trustworthy you appear in the eyes of the insurance company. More so, a good credit score helps insurance companies, like Versatile Insurance Planners, to determine that you are a low risk for them to insure. 

There have been studies that prove the lower your credit score, the more of a risk you are to insurance companies. It should be noted that when an insurance company takes a look at your credit score, they do not take into account your income history, your current employment, or any other type of information. All they look at is your credit score. 

And just because you have a high credit score does not necessarily mean you are going to receive a low premium quote. If you have a perfect credit score but a poor driving history, such as one or more tickets during the past two to three years, then you’re likely not going to receive the lowest premium quote anyway. 

There are more than a few factors considered when insurance companies give you a quote. The best way to get the most accurate quote is to be completely honest about your past driving history. If you lie about a speeding ticket, you may end up with a low quote, but once it goes through underwriting, the truth is revealed and your quote will likely increase. 

If you would like to learn more about auto quotes, please contact Versatile Insurance Planners serving the San Antonio, TX area.