Is It Time to Update Your Vehicle’s Insurance?

If you’re like most people, you may be renewing your auto insurance automatically without taking the time to review your policy. If you’ve had changes in your lifestyle, however, your old coverage may no longer provide the protection you need. Talk to your Versatile Insurance Planners agent about changes in your personal situation to see if you need to update your auto insurance policy.   

Here are a few examples of when an update may be necessary to maintain the protection you need.

Add a New Driver to Policy

If your teen recently got his license, you’ll want to update your insurance to add him or her to your policy. This way he or she will be fully protected by your coverage in the event of an accident.


If you’ve gotten married, you’ll need to update your insurance if you want to add your spouse to your policy. Putting your spouse on your policy could qualify you for a multi-car discount to reduce auto insurance costs.

Move to a New Location

A move to a safer part of town could qualify you for reduced premiums on your auto insurance. If you purchased a home in your new location, you can bundle your home and auto coverage to save even more. If you moved to a new state, we’ll make sure your coverage meets the minimum requirements of your new location and that you have all the protection you need.   

Change of Vehicles

If you purchased a new vehicle in San Antonio, TX, you’ll need to add your new car to your policy. You may even want to increase your coverage to fully protect your new investment. We’ll work with you to determine how much protection you need.

To update your auto insurance in San Antonio, TX, contact Versatile Insurance Planners today.