Why liability coverage is required by law

Every driver in San Antonio, TX, must possess liability coverage to operate a vehicle legally. This necessity is rooted in the driver’s legal responsibility for any damage caused by negligence. Versatile Insurance Planners help you understand the mechanics of liability coverage and how it can protect your finances after accidents.

Minimum Liability Coverage in Texas

  • Property Damage Coverage: $25,000
  • Bodily Injuries Coverage (Per Person): $30,000
  • Total Bodily Injuries Coverage (Per Accident): $60,000

Versatile Insurance Planners ensures all our insurance policies adhere to Texas’ liability coverage limits. High-cover option policies are also available.

Why is Liability Coverage Essential?

The after-effects of car accidents can majorly impact your finances, with huge sums spent on vehicle repairs and medical treatment for the injured. Liability coverage safeguards the driver from bearing these costs directly. Instead, insurance claims and injury lawsuit costs are covered by your insurance provider, minimizing individual financial responsibility.

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