Does a Person’s Credit Score Really Impact Auto Insurance Rates?

When you go to apply for car insurance in San Antonio, TX, there are many factors taken into consideration by the carriers you receive quotes through. From your past driving record to whether or not you currently have insurance, these factors will impact the quotes you receive. Another element that is taken into consideration by many insurance carriers is your credit score. The higher your credit score, the more trustworthy you appear in the eyes of the insurance company. More so, a good credit score helps insurance companies, like Versatile Insurance Planners, to determine that you are a low risk for them to insure. 

There have been studies that prove the lower your credit score, the more of a risk you are to insurance companies. It should be noted that when an insurance company takes a look at your credit score, they do not take into account your income history, your current employment, or any other type of information. All they look at is your credit score. 

And just because you have a high credit score does not necessarily mean you are going to receive a low premium quote. If you have a perfect credit score but a poor driving history, such as one or more tickets during the past two to three years, then you’re likely not going to receive the lowest premium quote anyway. 

There are more than a few factors considered when insurance companies give you a quote. The best way to get the most accurate quote is to be completely honest about your past driving history. If you lie about a speeding ticket, you may end up with a low quote, but once it goes through underwriting, the truth is revealed and your quote will likely increase. 

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