How to Protect Your Business While It’s Under Construction

Significant amounts of financial resources and time commitment is involved in starting and running a business. Protecting your investment should be a priority so your hard work is not ruined by an accident or incident. Understanding what types of coverage that will protect your business will help you make an informed choice when you choose insurance. Choosing a reliable insurance company is a good starting point when you are seeking this kind of coverage.

At Versatile Insurance Planners in San Antonio, TX, finding the right coverage for your growing business is easy. It is important to protect major assets and your business is likely very important to you. We can help you with your insurance needs through all stages of construction.

Commercial insurance

Getting a small package can give you liability coverage which will protect from accidents involving visitors and others who frequent your business. Auto insurance can be included in this type of package. This can be a good standard option for business owners who want to ensure they have basic coverage.

Short-term insurance 

You may only need insurance for a short period of time during construction. There are options for this type of plan. Also, if your business is interrupted by around move or renovation, there are types of plans that can compensate for lost time. There are different options for short-term coverage that can match your needs.

At Versatile Insurance Planners in San Antonio, TX, we have skilled agents that are well versed in all types of insurance for your home, business, or auto and everything in between. We are to help you understand your insurance options and we can answer any questions you might have. Give us a call to speak to an agent today to inquire about a quote for your next policy.

Is it time to upgrade your home insurance policy?

Homeowners in the greater San Antonio, TX area are finding a benefit in reviewing their home insurance policies each year. The team at Versatile Insurance Planners recommends that residents do this review regularly to ensure that their policy coverage amounts are keeping pace with the value of their home. Don’t find out after it’s too late that you don’t have the coverage levels that you need!

Factors that May Increase Your Coverage Needs

Property Values – As your home value increases, so do your coverage needs. A regular review of your policy will make sure that your insurance protection is keeping pace with your needs. This is a factor that’s often overlooked by homeowners until they have a covered event and find out that their policy levels are now insufficient for their protection needs.

Improvements and Renovations – If you have contracted an addition on your home, installed a new kitchen, or updated your bathrooms, your coverage requirements have likely increased. Smaller home improvements, like installing new flooring, may also affect your coverage levels.

Personal Belongings – The more expensive gadgets and items that are purchased through the years, the more insurance coverage will be necessary. Keep in mind that items and devices that you use every day, such as personal electronics, can add up very quickly. TVs, computers, and other technological items also carry a high value, especially when each member of the family has their own devices.

Are you a homeowner in the greater San Antonio, TX area? Contact the team at Versatile Insurance Planners today and schedule a consultation to review your home insurance policy. It’s essential to make sure that your coverage continues to be adequate for your needs.

Tips for Buying a Motorcycle Out of State

Long gone are the old days when you would just go down to the local San Antonio, TX motorcycle dealerships and pick one out. The internet has widened our options considerably, and there’s a good chance that your next bike will be found with just a swipe of your finger. But what happens when you find a great motorcycle in a different state? The good news is that you can purchase it legally and still get it registered in Texas, but you’ll need to make sure you’re doing everything right.

Follow these tips from the experts at Versatile Insurance Planners to make the whole process a breeze!

Do Your Research and Ask Questions

Legitimate sellers will be happy to provide you with as much information as possible and answer all your questions. If you’re buying a used motorcycle, you should always be able to get its full history. 

Don’t Buy the Motorcycle without Seeing It

As internet motorcycle sales have risen, so have scams. Even if the seller seems reputable, never make the purchase without going to see the motorcycle in person. If you’re unable to do so, have someone you trust go look at it for you. If you simply must buy from an online-only marketplace, make sure it is one specifically meant for vehicle sale (i.e. not Craigslist) and is BBB certified. 

Plan for Legal Transportation

Many people choose to have their motorcycle shipped to Texas so they don’t have to register it anywhere else first (you can find reputable motorcycle shippers on Chopper Exchange). If you plan to ride it all the way back to San Antonio, TX, then you will need temporary registration in the state it is purchased in. Call their state DMV ahead of time and bring all the necessary documents with you. You will later be able to register it fully in Texas. 

Talk with Your Insurance Agent Ahead of Time

Every situation is different, and it is important to make sure you’re not heading out on the road without proper protection. Give us a call at Versatile Insurance Planners today to learn more about your motorcycle insurance coverage options both during transportation to Texas and after you get the bike registered here. Don’t let your new purchase go to waste with a lack of good coverage! 



Are there different types of motorcycle insurance?

Do you have a one of a kind motorcycle in San Antonio, TX?

Standard auto insurance is not going to do much to protect your bike in the event of an accident. What are the different types of motorcycle insurance, though? Also, how much coverage is necessary to enjoy the road with peace and confidence? The agents at Versatile Insurance Planners can help with these questions and more!

What is motorcycle insurance?

Motorcycle insurance is an indemnity policy that specifically covers motorcycles in a car accident. These plans are similar to standard auto insurance policies in that they come with policy limits and deductibles that owners must pay before coverage kicks in after an accident. 

Motorcycle coverage differs from a standard auto insurance plan by offering bike owners the chance to cover the gear that is necessary to ride safely. A motorcycle indemnity policy also allows owners to save money on cooling-off periods. It is during these times that owners remain insured for damages that their bikes may sustain while in storage. The policy does not cover car accidents and other incidents on the road during the cooling-off period. 

What are the different types of coverage?

Liability insurance is an absolute must for motorcycle owners who use their bikes to commute on the highways or in the inner city of San Antonio, TX. The state of Texas requires drivers to show proof of at least $30,000 worth of insurance coverage for bodily injury per person. Drivers must show proof of at least $25,000  worth of coverage for property damage. 

Comprehensive and Collision coverages are options for motorcycle owners looking for full coverage. There are also add-ons, such as total loss coverage and trip interruption protection, that further guard you from significant financial loss in an accident. 

The agents at Versatile Insurance Partners can help you find the motorcycle insurance policy to fit your needs. Call us today to get started with a quote!

Why It’s Time to Review Your Auto Policy

Buying a new car is an exciting event, and it’s likely that when you selected your policy for that new vehicle, you did a thorough review of all of the features and benefits. As time goes on, it’s typical that owners simply renew their current policies without too much of a review. It may have been years since you’ve done a full review of your auto policy, and it may not meet your current needs. Versatile Insurance Planners is here to help the greater San Antonio, TX community with all of their insurance needs. An annual policy review is a great idea for all insurance types!

  • Value of your car — your car has likely decreased in value now that it is older and has more miles. Make sure that you have adequate collision and replacement coverage in the event that it is deemed a total loss.
  • Driving habits — have you changed jobs and now have a shorter commute? Or has something in your life changed and you are now driving your vehicle a lot more? Let’s take a look and make sure your policy protection is consistent with your current driving habits.
  • People using the vehicle — teenage drivers require a different level of insurance coverage than experienced adult drivers. If you have added or dropped a teenage driver, you’ll want to update your policy coverage.

Let the team at Versatile Insurance Planners help you with an auto policy review. It’s important that your San Antonio, TX area car is fully insured with the right type of coverage. Life changes, and it’s easy to overlook the need for an annual policy review. Give us a call today and let us help you make sure your current auto policy provides the appropriate protection.

How Much Car Insurance Do You Really Need?

If you want to protect yourself, you need to know the basics of the different types of auto policies. Whether you are driving an old beater or a brand new car, you have considerations to make about which policy will prove the most valuable to you. The primary categories of car insurance are basic, extended, and premium. Versatile Insurance Planners of San Antonio, TX will examine all of your options and answer any questions that you may have about the policy that is right for you. 

Basic Auto Insurance Policy

Three basic types of auto insurance include:

  • Collision – This covers any damage that occurs to your car that is your fault. Sometimes you may be driving an old beater and decide not to use this coverage and retire the car instead because the deductible may outweigh the actual value of the vehicle.
  • Liability – Doesn’t protect you but protects anyone that you are "at fault" for hitting including property and bodily damage.
  • Comprehensive – Recover damages from theft, fire, or natural disaster.

This is the bare minimum in insurance that most can’t risk not to have. 

Extended Auto Insurance Policies

After you have your basic policy covered, you may decide to add on additional policies. Here are some options:

  • Guaranteed Auto Protect (GAP)
  • Medical Expense Coverage (MedPay)
  • Uninsured or Underinsured Motorists
  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

Premium Auto Insurance

Sometimes this is called full coverage. If you have a car with a loan, you will be required to have this policy with the bells and whistles included. Here are some things that may be included in this policy.

  • Rental Reimbursement
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Coverage
  • Mechanical Breakdowns
  • Custom Equipment Coverage
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Umbrella Insurance
  • Glass Coverage

Versatile Insurance Planners in San Antonio, TX has You Covered

We will ensure that you don’t spend more money on coverage than you need. We work with several insurance companies so that we can get you precisely the right kind of insurance that you need that is most valuable to you and your lifestyle. To find out more, visit our office or give us a call at  210-858-9860. 


3 Tips for Buying Commercial Insurance in Texas

Owing to a business in San Antonio, TX means you need commercial insurance to protect this asset. You don’t know what the future could bring; liability, damage, theft, fire, and other events could put you out of business. With commercial insurance, however, you’re covered. At Versatile Insurance Planners we’ve listed three easy tips to help you find the right commercial insurance policy in San Antonio, TX for a price you can afford.

1. Bundle Your Insurance Policies

By bundling your insurance policies, you’ll save money on your policies. Insurance companies will sometimes reward loyal customers and this is just one way they go about it. Bundle your life, auto, home, boat, umbrella, condo, and other insurance policies together to get maximum savings. Stick with the insurance company you have now or switch to a new one for additional savings. 

2. Compare Several Insurance Quotes

Policy prices and coverage vary so it’s important to compare many quotes. An insurance agent can help you do this by first finding the right quotes to view and then helping you go over them to compare coverage and price. Take your time and fully understand the coverage before making a decision.

3. Work with a Reputable Agent

Each business is unique. You could own a specialty business that requires a very different policy from another kind of business. A reputable insurance agent understands this and will help you find the right policy for your particular business needs.

To learn more about acquiring commercial insurance, contact the team at Versatile Insurance Planners. Our team is standing by to take your call and answer all your questions. We can be reached today at 210-858-9860.

3 Renovations That Positively Impact Your Homeowner’s Policy

Renovations make your San Antonio, TX home more valuable, comfortable, a fit for the needs of your family and lifestyle. However, some changes affect more than how your home feels. Here are some renovations that also have a big impact on your home insurance.

Security Upgrades

Adding security features is a great way to keep your property safe from malicious invaders. Floodlights, cameras, and defensive landscaping prevents unauthorized access and makes it easier to catch culprits in the act. Your insurance company may also look favorably on your upgrades. Increasing security means it’s less likely they’ll have to pay for theft damages.

Pools and Spas

Relaxing in an outdoor pool or spa is the best way to take the stress away. However, the installation of an outdoor pool could change your premiums. Pools are associated with high-risk activities that could trigger the need for a payout. In these cases, your insurance agent might look closely at your new addition and consider higher premiums.

Additional Rooms and Indoor Spaces

Adding an extra room onto your main dwelling gives you the space you want for bedrooms, storage, or a special area for friends and family. However, that structure may not fit into your current policy coverage. The agents at Versatile Insurance Planners use a formula to determine the proper amount of coverage for your home. Adding to your property changes this formula. Talk to our agents before you begin your build to ensure your new addition is fully covered.

Versatile Insurance Planners offers homeowners insurance coverage to residents in the San Antonio, TX area. Talk to our agents for more personalized information on how your renovation plans might affect your policy.

Choosing a Car Insurance Provider

Whether you want to change your car insurance or just purchased a new car, you now need to shop around for insurance. You want a company that’s reputable, among other assets. At Versatile Insurance Planners, serving San Antonio, TX and the surrounding area, we desire to educate individuals looking for insurance on what to look for in an insurance provider.

Level of Coverage

Before you begin the process, you want to choose how much coverage you need. You also want to consider how new your car is and the funds you have if you should happen to need to make repairs or purchase a new one. At this point, you should also take into consideration if want your insurance to cover natural disaster and theft. Keep in mind, not all insurers offer the same level of coverage. 

State Insurance Providers

If you visit your state’s department of insurance, you can find a list of providers who serve your state. You’ll want to narrow down your options to the ones who offer the level of coverage you desire.

Check Reviews Online

Often, one of the easiest ways to compare insurance providers is to search online for reviews. You’ll find information regarding the experiences that previous customers had. You may want to look them up on the Better Business Bureau’s (BBB) website to see if they’re accredited and if they have any disputes against them. The AM Best Company offers information regarding the financial strength of an insurance provider. 

Get a Quote

The next step to comparing car insurance providers is to get quotes from different companies that had high ratings and the level of coverage you require. 

Contact Versatile Insurance Planners, serving San Antonio, TX and the surrounding area, for a quote for insurance by contacting us at 210-858-9860.


Planning a Cross-Country Bike Trip? What You Need to Know

Getting out on your bike for an epic road trip is a fantastic way to spend part of your summer. Before you get out there come and meet with the professional agents at Versatile Insurance Planners to make sure that your motorcycle insurance policy provides the protection you will need. Whether you are sticking close to the San Antonio, TX area this summer or will be traveling cross-country, it’s always a good idea to review your motorcycle insurance. We can help you get the coverage you need whether you are riding across the country or will trailer your bike out West.

Hitting Up Sturgis this Summer, or Getting Your Kicks on Route 66? Make Sure You’re Protected

Summer is the perfect time to get your bike out on the road. Who doesn’t love a road trip? There are a number of interesting options, from taking a cross-country route that takes you up to Canada or sticking to one spot. Sturgis is on a lot of people’s bucket list, and this trip provides some breathtaking scenery along with some great camaraderie. There are endless possibilities, and the planning can be half the fun. If you are looking to get out there this summer and fall, make sure that you have the protection you need. A comprehensive motorcycle policy can protect you in the event of a mishap, theft, or loss, you will be able to get back on the road before you know it.

Make sure you have a full motorcycle insurance review at the top of your to-do list for this summer. Don’t get out on the road until you meet with San Antonio, TX area Versatile Insurance Planners and know that you have your insurance ducks in a row.