Does an At-Home Business Need Commercial Insurance?

A lot of business owners who operate their companies out of the comfort of their own homes fail to realize the importance of commercial business insurance. They think because they don’t have an actual brick-and-mortar business location that is deemed as a commercial space that commercial insurance isn’t needed. It’s extremely imperative, though, for home-based business owners to understand why investing in commercial insurance in San Antonio, TX is a smart choice. Versatile Insurance Planners has put together a list of the top three reasons home-based business owners should buy commercial insurance.

Coverage for Vehicles

If a home-based business owner uses his or her car for business-related purposes, there’s a good chance that commercial insurance will be of the utmost value. This especially applies if the business owner transports clients in the vehicle. If an accident was to occur and the insurance company discovers business activities were taking place in the car, this could hinder a payout. With commercial insurance, though, there’s no need to fret. 

Coverage for the Hard Times

Even the most successful home-based businesses sometimes struggle from time to time. When the hard times hit, it can be beneficial to have commercial insurance. Take for example that a client is injured on the business owner’s home property when coming to a consultation. Without commercial insurance, this could leave the business owner facing a huge financial burden.

Coverage for Business Income

Depending on the exact type of commercial insurance policy invested in, a home-based business owner may be able to take advantage of business income coverage. This means if the business owner is injured and cannot tend to business activities, he or she can tap into the insurance policy to receive financial compensation for a set period or up to a predetermined amount.

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