Do I Need to Carry Motorcycle Insurance All Year?

Winters have been chilly down in San Antonio, TX, so you may not be riding your motorcycle as much during the colder months. Versatile Insurance Planners know that everybody could use an extra dollar or two, so you might be considering how to lower your insurance bill for a vehicle you’re using less.

Don’t Drop Your Insurance

Always keep your motorcycle insured. First, your motorcycle is still vulnerable to theft, fire, and other damage while in storage. Getting into a new policy can take time once riding season comes around again, and you might forget that you canceled it with the intent of renewing it later. Saving a small amount is not worth it compared to the potential damage from a stolen bike or riding without insurance.

Options for Variable Coverage

Although you shouldn’t drop motorcycle coverage, your insurance provider will likely have options to reduce your coverage based on your usage. That way, you can keep coverage like theft and fire while avoiding the costs of active usage.

Depending on the provider, the lessened coverage may be something that you discuss with them as needed, or they could have lay-up policies with a preset time period where your bike is expected to be in storage. Some versions might allow you a limited amount of collision and other on-the-road coverage in case you need to use the bike on occasion. The versatility of insurance makes it difficult to tell you all your options without more details, but you can expect a demonstration of lower risk to have some sort of benefit.

Ask an Agent for Help

Insurance agents like us at Versatile Insurance Planners help consumers understand their choices and find a provider with the insurance options that suit their needs. Residents of San Antonio, TX and surrounding Bexar county can contact us at any time.