4 Auto Insurance Add-ons To Consider

When you buy auto insurance from Versatile Insurance Planners of San Antonio, TX, you hope that it covers every aspect of risks facing your car. Unfortunately, car insurance is broad. As such, it has numerous coverages to consider depending on your situation and budget. For this reason, if you want to boost your auto insurance coverage, here are four add-ons to put your money on. 

Zero depreciation add-on

If your car were involved in an accident today, you would receive compensation less the depreciation factor. This means you have to fork out the depreciation amount from your pocket. However, you can buy zero depreciation coverage to cushion you from depreciation. 

Roadside assistance coverage

Assume your car has broken down far away from home. What would you do? Call friends and relatives? You might do that, but they may not be in a position to help. For these situations, you need roadside assistance coverage to bail you out when your car stalls miles away from home. This coverage provides services like towing, gas delivery, jumpstarting, and other minor repairs.

Engine protect add-on

If you live in an area prone to flooding or waterlogging, this endorsement is suitable for you. While collision or comprehensive coverages may cover your engine against perils like accidents and falling objects, these coverages may not help for calamities like flooding, which fall under consequential loss. And that’s when you need an engine to protect the rider to save the day.

Consumables add-on

Your car uses several consumables, including oils, bolts, pipes, filters, and so on. Unfortunately, these consumables are not covered by the standard auto insurance policy during repairs. Luckily, if you have consumables coverage, your insurance pays for the consumable costs.

Car insurance in San Antonio, TX

Standard car insurance is good, but it’s not enough. That you said, you need to strengthen your car insurance policy with add-ons depending on your situation. If you are in San Antonio, TX and its environs, contact Versatile Insurance Planners for an affordable quote.