Flood Coverage for Your Newly Constructed Home

The construction of your new residence may require that you purchase flood protection. Review the criteria that follow. Then, contact a Versatile Insurance Planners agent for further guidance.

Flood Protection

Flood insurance is an optional type of insurance coverage. It often needs to be purchased separately from a standard home insurance policy. Flood protection covers costs associated with water cleanup and structural repairs.

Flood protection will cover you in the event of rising floodwaters or other situations resulting in water damage.


Research the area where your new home was built. The type of drainage materials that were installed on the land could affect the likelihood of dealing with a flood in the future. The land’s topography may also influence the risk of dealing with a flood in the future.

Structural Materials

The structural materials that were used to build your new home should be provided with adequate protection. Inspect your home before you move into it.

Some of the materials that your home is made of may be susceptible to water damage. If so, you may want to add them to your flood insurance policy.

Formal Inspection

A formal inspection will indicate the risk of encountering a flood. This type of inspection will reveal any inconsistencies in the design of your new home. It will also reveal vulnerable materials that may require flood protection. Use the inspection results to determine if flood insurance coverage is right for you. 

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An agent who serves San Antonio, TX, will advise you on flood insurance products and tailor an insurance policy to protect your new home from damages incurred during a flood.