Does Flood Insurance Cover Damages From A Sewer Accident?

If you are the victim of a sewer mishap, whether it be a result of issues in the home or issues stemming from the system running through the neighborhood, you can have substantial damages to your home. This type of accident requires serious mitigation and cleanup, in addition, there may be significant repairs and replacement to avoid health hazards for you and your family. Does the average flood insurance policy cover sewer accident repair and replacement cost?

Sewer Accident Repairs And Replacement

If you have a sewer accident that affects your home or property, you can expect to be out of pocket unless you purchase water/sewer backup coverage. The only instance your regular flood insurance will cover a sewer backup or water backup from utilities is if it is caused directly by a flood from a body of water or heavy rain. If you are concerned with incurring this type of damage, you should research your options and find out how to obtain water/sewer backup coverage in addition to your regular homeowners and flood insurance. 

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