What does flood insurance cover?

The thought of losing everything in your home, and your home itself to a flood, makes most people’s blood run cold. In order to protect your investment in real estate, you need to have flood insurance. In San Antonio, TX, Versatile Insurance Planners is an independent agency. We are locally owned and operated, and we offer products from the top carriers in the business. We provide our customers with personalized service to fit their insurance needs. 

Flood insurance is available from the NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program). You can purchase it directly from the NFIP or you can purchase it through approved agents. Beyond that, other companies offer flood insurance not backed by the NFIP.  Two different types of policies are offered. The first type of insurance is building insurance and the second type is content. The NFIP insurance has limits on coverage, if you need more coverage than they offer, you can go with an insurance company providing that coverage. 

Building Flood Insurance Coverage

Building flood insurance covers the physical structure of your home. This includes the major systems, plumbing, heating, and electrical. It will cover your furnace, air conditioner, and water heater. Your foundation is included in this coverage and your roof. If you have a fuel tank, solar panels, or water tank, these are all covered. If you have a detached garage or deck this is also covered. Appliances like a built-in dishwasher, refrigerator, and stove are included. Flooring that is permanently attached like wall-to-wall carpet is covered as are built-in bookcases and cabinets. 

Contents flood Insurance Coverage

The contents insurance coverage helps you to replace things like your clothing, electronics, and furniture. Your washer and dryer, portable dishwasher, microwave, and window air conditioning units are covered. Rugs that are not permanently attached to the floor and curtains are also included. 

Contact Versatile Insurance Planners in San Antonio, TX to discuss the best flood insurance option for you. 

Tips When Purchasing Texas Auto Insurance

Purchasing auto insurance can seem overwhelming at first glance. From determining the right amount of coverage to establishing the appropriate auto coverage options to carry, car insurance can be a daunting task even to the best planners. However, here at Versatile Insurance Planners located in San Antonio, it’s our passion to advise car owners on what to look out for when shopping for car insurance to make an informed decision. That said, below are tips to consider when shopping for car insurance in Texas.

Shop for car insurance before going to the dealership

It’s a smart choice to purchase car insurance before heading to the dealership. Otherwise, you may not be able to drive your car away from the lot because auto insurance is mandatory in Texas. But for you to purchase car insurance, you need to arm yourself with the below ahead of time:

  • Have a make and model in mind
  • Understand the auto coverages you need
  • Compare quotes from several insurance companies

While you can still get auto insurance from the dealership, this isn’t the ideal choice if you are looking for affordable car insurance. For instance, if your car is being financed, the lender may only offer car insurance options from one or two companies, limiting your chance to explore various discounts provided out there.

Understand factors affecting your auto insurance premium

This is very crucial when looking to lower your auto insurance premium. While factors out of your control, like your age, gender, occupation, and model of your car, determine the car insurance premium, factors like credit rating and driving record are within your control. As such, you can work towards being a responsible driver to lower your car insurance premium. 

Understand legal requirements

Just like most states, Texas requires drivers to carry minimum liability coverage. While it’s essential to observe the state’s minimum, your agent should advise on the right amount of coverage you should have for optimal coverage. Again, liability coverage only covers third parties and not you or your car. That said, ask your agent for different auto coverage options to obtain all-around protection.

Where to buy auto insurance in San Antonio, TX

If you are looking for auto insurance, please contact Versatile Insurance Planners. Here, we will introduce you to various auto coverage options and help you chose those that meet your unique needs.

What Does Commercial Insurance Cover?

You enjoy the freedom that operating your own business brings, and you want to protect your business and the investment of time and money that you have spent. The commercial insurance agents at Versatile Insurance Planners in San Antonio, TX can assist you in determining which commercial insurance coverages you want for your business.

Commercial Auto Liability Insurance

In Texas, you do not have to obtain worker’s compensation insurance for your employees, but you do have to secure an auto liability insurance policy for any vehicles that are owned by your business. It is also a good idea to ensure that any vehicles that are used for business purposes also have an auto liability insurance policy in place as it is the law in Texas for all drivers to have it. This type of policy will cover any injuries or property damage that are caused by you or an employee in an accident.

Business Liability Insurance and Business Property Damage Insurance

Obtaining a policy that combines business liability and business property insurance is a great idea. This type of policy will cover any property damage or injuries to a customer or another person that is caused by your business or while at your business. This type of commercial insurance policy will also cover your business, equipment, and products if there is a fire, a natural disaster, theft, or vandalism.

There are several additional coverage options that you can obtain when creating your commercial insurance policy to provide you and your business with even more security and peace of mind, including insurance that will help offset the costs if your business suffers cyber-attacks on your computer system or data breaches.

To create a policy for you and your business and get it started today, call upon the commercial insurance agents at Versatile Insurance Planners in San Antonio.

Common Myths About Home Insurance

When you are shopping for home insurance, you come across a lot of information. However, how do you know how much of it is actually true? There are so many myths and misconceptions about home insurance that you need to know about in order to make the right and informed decision. Versatile Insurance Planners serving San Antonio, TX and other surrounding towns prepared a list of a few myths that are easy to fall for:

Myth 1: A Standard Home Insurance Policy Covers Damages Caused By Flooding

It is one of the most common myths. Unfortunately, the truth is unless you have a separate flood insurance policy, your home insurance does not cover flood damage. If you live in a flood-prone zone, it is recommended to talk to your insurance agent and make sure that your home is fully protected. 

Myth 2: It Is Not Necessary To Keep an Inventory List

Actually, having an inventory list is very important because it is proof of your ownership of certain items in your home. You can use your inventory list when filing a claim for damaged items. Making an inventory list of all the stuff before anything bad happens is a good idea, as it assures that nothing gets lost or missed. 

Myth 3: Home Insurance Covers All Personal Items

Just like any other type of insurance, home insurance has monetary limits. That means that it covers most of the personal stuff and valuables, but not all of them. If you have extremely valuable and expensive items (jewelry or pieces of art for example), it is recommended to get separate coverage for them to make sure that they are properly covered. 

Get Your Home Insured With Us

It may be hard to find the right home insurance policy, especially if there is so much false information and misconceptions. If you live in San Antonio, TX or any other surrounding area and you are currently looking for proper home insurance, Versatile Insurance Planners is a reliable insurance company that is ready to help. All you need to do is to visit our website or call us for more information. 

Do I have to Carry Motorcycle Insurance in Texas, and if so, What is Required?

Do I have to Carry Motorcycle Insurance in Texas, and if so, What is Required?

Residents who wish to operate their motorcycles in Texas are required by law to carry motorcycle insurance. Liability insurance is required by state law. Not all states require drivers to carry motorcycle insurance. However, most do. Versatile Insurance Planners of San Antonio TX are committed to educating motorcycle drivers about the state laws that govern motorcycle drivers. 

State Minimums for Motorcycle Insurance
As stated above, motorcycle insurance is a requirement for all Texas riders. Specifically, liability insurance is required to operate a motorcycle in the state of Texas. Drivers must meet the required state minimums for liability insurance in order to legally drive their motorcycles. Liability coverage requirements for the state of Texas are $30,000 bodily injury coverage per person in an accident. The property damage requirement is $25,000 per accident. 

What Happens if You Drive Without Motorcycle Insurance?
First of all, you are held financially responsible for any damage or injury to other people while driving uninsured. Plus, you forfeit the majority of any claims you could file for pain and suffering or injury. This doesn’t begin to cover any criminal charges you may sustain for injury, damage, or death to others or their property. Plus, it’s illegal to drive without liability insurance in the State of Texas. Generally speaking, you run the risk of facing several charges by not carrying the proper insurance to operate your motorcycle in the state of Texas. We take pride in creating clarity when it comes to state laws that govern motorcycle insurance. We understand that an ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure. Our team at Versatile Insurance Planners of San Antonio, TX is committed to educating motorcycle operators on liability coverage levels necessary to legally drive a motorcycle in the state of Texas. 

Why would I invest in a motorcycle insurance policy?

When you are in the San Antonio, TX area, having a reliable mode of transportation is very important. One great option that you will have would be to purchase a motorcycle, which is efficient and fun to drive. While this area of Texas is ideal for motorcycle owners due to the warm weather, those that own one still need to have insurance. There are several reasons that you should invest in an insurance policy for your motorcycle. 

Insurance Gives Important Protection

When you get a full motorcycle insurance policy, it will come with several forms of insurance coverage. This will include providing you with coverage for your motorcycle and offering liability protection. If you ever experience a loss or are found at fault in an accident, having this motorcycle insurance will prove to be very beneficial. This can provide peace of mind when using your motorcycle, which will make the experience more enjoyable overall.

Insurance is a Requirement

Another reason that you should invest in a motorcycle insurance policy is that is a requirement for almost everyone. In this state, you will be required by law to have liability motorcycle insurance whenever you want to drive it on a public road. Additionally, if you have any type of financing out against the motorcycle, you will need to get motorcycle insurance to stay in compliance with your loan agreement. 

When shopping for this insurance in the San Antonio, TX area, you should call Versatile Insurance Planners. The team at Versatile Insurance Planners understands how important it is that you get proper insurance coverage. They will be able to explain all of your options to you and help you pick a policy that will provide the right coverage to meet your personal needs. 

What auto insurance coverage should I have

Auto insurance is a type of insurance that can be tailored to fit the need of the customer. It consists of several different basic parts and additional add ons that make it fit your particular needs. Some insurance is required by the state of Texas to comply and having a trusted insurance agent who makes sure you have the required coverage is important. In San Antonio, TX, Versatile Insurance Planners is your local independent agency. 

You definitely must have the means to pay for any damage to people or property that results from an accident where you are at fault. Most people chose to carry insurance to take care of those requirements. You need to have 30/60/25. The medical coverage for injuries is $30,000 per person and $60,000 per accident and $25,000 for property damage. This is pretty basic and if you have assets you should consider a higher liability limit. 

If you have an old or low-value vehicle, this may be all the coverage you should have. If however, you count on your vehicle to get around or have a loan or lease, you may need to have collision and comprehensive auto insurance. These two types of insurance protect your vehicle. If you have an accident where you are at fault you need to repair your own vehicle. Without collision insurance, you will have to pay for the repair yourself. 

Comprehensive insurance protects you from bad things that happen to your car that are beyond your control like a hail storm, a limb from a tree falling on your car, and other perils listed in your policy. You can choose to add on things like gap converge and roadside service. 

If you live in or near San Antonio, TX Versatile Insurance Planners can help you to make sure you have the auto insurance you need. Give our team a call and make an appointment for a sitdown with us to get a no-obligation quote. 

How can I choose a San Antonio auto insurance policy?

In the San Antonio, TX area, owning a car is a necessity for a lot of people. Without one, getting to work, school or get around town can be very challenging. When you are looking to purchase a car here, you should spend time also considering your auto insurance policy. There are several tips that you can follow that could help you to choose a new auto insurance plan that is best for your situation. 

Consider Coverage Needs

One factor to consider when picking an auto insurance policy is your coverage needs. All people in Texas need to at least get the minimum level of auto liability insurance. Beyond that, those that have taken out a loan or want to protect their investment in their car should also get a full collision and comprehensive insurance policy. This will ensure you are covered if the vehicle is stolen, damaged, or destroyed. 

Consider Deductible Level

When you get auto insurance with a collision and comprehensive policy, you should also consider your deductible level. The deductible is the amount of money that you will need to come out of pocket before a claim is paid. Deductibles can range from $0 to thousands of dollars. While higher deductibles result in lower premiums, you do need to make sure that you have the funds set aside to pay the deductible if you do need to file a claim. 

There are plenty of choices that need to be made when you are looking for a San Antonio, TX area insurance policy. The team at Versatile Insurance Planners can make this process easier for you. When you do call Versatile Insurance Planners you will receive the guidance and support that is needed to choose a policy that meets your needs. 

Protect Your Business with Commercial Insurance

If you own a business in San Antonio, TX, then you are probably familiar with commercial insurance. If you’re not familiar with the term, then it’s absolutely vital that you not only understand this term but have the coverage yourself. The insurance experts at Versatile Insurance Planners have put together a guide to help you learn the in’s and out’s of commercial insurance and how this type of insurance coverage can keep your business going for the long haul. 

What Does Commercial Insurance Cover?

Commercial insurance, or business insurance, is a type of insurance coverage that provides you financial coverage for your business. This coverage can protect your business’s physical property, reputation, and employees. Here are some of the areas in which commercial insurance can provide coverage: 

  • Injury
  • Property damage
  • Damage done to another business property
  • Legal fees
  • Medical costs
  • Employees who were injured on the job
  • Business equipment

These are just some of the areas in which commercial insurance can provide coverage. The specific coverage type and amount of coverage will depend on the commercial insurance policy you choose. To get a consultation, visit Versatile Insurance Planners. 

Why Is Commercial Insurance Necessary?

Commercial insurance is vital if you plan to keep your business in business. Commercial insurance not only provides coverage for your business’s physical property, but it also protects your workers and business’s reputation. You put everything you have into building up your business, so it only makes sense that you should do everything you can to keep your business afloat. Commercial insurance can help provide that relief. 

Protect Your Business with Versatile Insurance Planners

When you need to find a commercial insurance policy to protect your business, visit Versatile Insurance Planners to help you find the right policy for you and your business. Our office serves the San Antonio, TX area. 

Is It Time to Update Your Vehicle’s Insurance?

If you’re like most people, you may be renewing your auto insurance automatically without taking the time to review your policy. If you’ve had changes in your lifestyle, however, your old coverage may no longer provide the protection you need. Talk to your Versatile Insurance Planners agent about changes in your personal situation to see if you need to update your auto insurance policy.   

Here are a few examples of when an update may be necessary to maintain the protection you need.

Add a New Driver to Policy

If your teen recently got his license, you’ll want to update your insurance to add him or her to your policy. This way he or she will be fully protected by your coverage in the event of an accident.


If you’ve gotten married, you’ll need to update your insurance if you want to add your spouse to your policy. Putting your spouse on your policy could qualify you for a multi-car discount to reduce auto insurance costs.

Move to a New Location

A move to a safer part of town could qualify you for reduced premiums on your auto insurance. If you purchased a home in your new location, you can bundle your home and auto coverage to save even more. If you moved to a new state, we’ll make sure your coverage meets the minimum requirements of your new location and that you have all the protection you need.   

Change of Vehicles

If you purchased a new vehicle in San Antonio, TX, you’ll need to add your new car to your policy. You may even want to increase your coverage to fully protect your new investment. We’ll work with you to determine how much protection you need.

To update your auto insurance in San Antonio, TX, contact Versatile Insurance Planners today.