3 Renovations That Positively Impact Your Homeowner’s Policy

Renovations make your San Antonio, TX home more valuable, comfortable, a fit for the needs of your family and lifestyle. However, some changes affect more than how your home feels. Here are some renovations that also have a big impact on your home insurance.

Security Upgrades

Adding security features is a great way to keep your property safe from malicious invaders. Floodlights, cameras, and defensive landscaping prevents unauthorized access and makes it easier to catch culprits in the act. Your insurance company may also look favorably on your upgrades. Increasing security means it’s less likely they’ll have to pay for theft damages.

Pools and Spas

Relaxing in an outdoor pool or spa is the best way to take the stress away. However, the installation of an outdoor pool could change your premiums. Pools are associated with high-risk activities that could trigger the need for a payout. In these cases, your insurance agent might look closely at your new addition and consider higher premiums.

Additional Rooms and Indoor Spaces

Adding an extra room onto your main dwelling gives you the space you want for bedrooms, storage, or a special area for friends and family. However, that structure may not fit into your current policy coverage. The agents at Versatile Insurance Planners use a formula to determine the proper amount of coverage for your home. Adding to your property changes this formula. Talk to our agents before you begin your build to ensure your new addition is fully covered.

Versatile Insurance Planners offers homeowners insurance coverage to residents in the San Antonio, TX area. Talk to our agents for more personalized information on how your renovation plans might affect your policy.