How commercial insurance can save my small business

Texas has more than 2.6 million small businesses. In fact, 99.8 percent of all businesses in Texas are small businesses. Each year, thousands of new businesses open, and many of them struggle to stay open. Multiple challenges and hazards face small businesses and, with the right commercial insurance, you have a better chance to save your small business. In San Antonio, TX,  Versatile Insurance Planners has an experienced team that will work with you to customize your commercial insurance for your business. 

Protect your business

If your location suffers damage, think burst pipe, fire, or theft it could put you out of business. If you have commercial insurance, you may still have to close down for a couple of days while repairs are done and supplies are replaced, but you will still be able to do business. If you don’t have insurance, unless you have a lot of cash or credit, you will be out of business potentially forever. 

Surviving a legal suit

If your small business gets sued, how would you get the legal advice that you need to fight the action against you? You can be sued by a client, a vendor, a customer, or even an employee. How would you pay a judgment against you? If you have commercial liability insurance, it will help you to survive the worst-case scenario.  

Business interruption insurance

When a covered peril happens to your business, you may not be able to conduct business for a period of time. When you aren’t doing business, your income flow stops but, unfortunately, your expenses do not. With business interruption insurance, you will be able to pay your bills and to give your employees and yourself a salary. It definitely can save your business.

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