What Does Commercial Insurance Cover?

You enjoy the freedom that operating your own business brings, and you want to protect your business and the investment of time and money that you have spent. The commercial insurance agents at Versatile Insurance Planners in San Antonio, TX can assist you in determining which commercial insurance coverages you want for your business.

Commercial Auto Liability Insurance

In Texas, you do not have to obtain worker’s compensation insurance for your employees, but you do have to secure an auto liability insurance policy for any vehicles that are owned by your business. It is also a good idea to ensure that any vehicles that are used for business purposes also have an auto liability insurance policy in place as it is the law in Texas for all drivers to have it. This type of policy will cover any injuries or property damage that are caused by you or an employee in an accident.

Business Liability Insurance and Business Property Damage Insurance

Obtaining a policy that combines business liability and business property insurance is a great idea. This type of policy will cover any property damage or injuries to a customer or another person that is caused by your business or while at your business. This type of commercial insurance policy will also cover your business, equipment, and products if there is a fire, a natural disaster, theft, or vandalism.

There are several additional coverage options that you can obtain when creating your commercial insurance policy to provide you and your business with even more security and peace of mind, including insurance that will help offset the costs if your business suffers cyber-attacks on your computer system or data breaches.

To create a policy for you and your business and get it started today, call upon the commercial insurance agents at Versatile Insurance Planners in San Antonio.