The difference between collision and comprehensive insurance

Regarding car insurance, there are two main types of coverage: collision and comprehensive. Collision insurance covers damage to your car when you hit another object, like a tree or another vehicle. Comprehensive insurance covers damage to your car from other sources, like vandalism, theft, or a natural disaster.

Both types of insurance are important for protecting your car, but they offer different levels of protection. Here’s a look at the difference between the two types of coverage and when you might want to choose one over the other.

One significant difference between collision and comprehensive insurance is that collision coverage only covers damage caused by a collision with another object. At the same time, comprehensive insurance also covers damage from other sources. For example, if your car is damaged in a fire or stolen by a thief, you typically file a claim with your comprehensive insurer to cover the repairs or replacement.

Additionally, collision insurance typically costs more than comprehensive coverage, as it provides more extensive protection. However, if you are involved in an accident and your car is declared a total loss, your comprehensive coverage may help cover the cost of replacing your vehicle.

Ultimately, choosing between collision and comprehensive insurance will depend on your needs and driving habits. If you are primarily concerned with protecting your car from damage caused by collisions, then collision coverage is a good option. On the other hand, if you also want to be protected from damages from natural disasters and theft, comprehensive insurance may be a better choice.

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Does Auto Insurance Cover Vehicle Damage Caused By a Flood?

Having the right insurance policies in place can help to cover you in case the unexpected happens. While no one wants a flood to happen, floods can happen for several reasons. If a flood occurs in your town, you may wonder if your auto insurance policy covers vehicle damage caused by a flood. Versatile Insurance Planners, serving the greater San Antonio, TX area, wants to help you understand the answer to this question. 

Does Auto Insurance Cover Vehicle Damage Caused By a Flood?

Your auto insurance policy may cover vehicle damage caused by a flood. A comprehensive insurance policy is key to ensuring flood damage will be covered. If you only have minimum insurance, your automobile is not covered by damage, including flooding. If you carry comprehensive insurance, your vehicle will be covered. 

What Else Should I Know? 

If a flood damages your car, there is a good chance that your car will be totaled. Flooding can cause a lot of damage to your vehicle, including damage to the engine and damage to the interior of your car. Flooding can also cause a car to rust or can lead to mold growth in the vehicle. As such, if your car was involved in a flood, you may want to think about the value of your vehicle, as there is a good chance the car will be totaled. 

The best way to ensure that your vehicle is fully protected from unexpected events, including flooding, is to have the right insurance policies in place. Here at Versatile Insurance Planners, serving the greater San Antonio, TX area, we can work with you to ensure you have the right policies in place. Call us today to discuss your auto insurance needs. 

Required Commercial Insurance in Texas

If you own a Texas business, it’s vital that you have all of the insurance policies you need to protect it. Insurance can protect the business, yourself, your employees, and the public. General liability insurance is often recommended for businesses, but the state doesn’t require it. Another great type of coverage is cyber insurance, but it isn’t mandated to have it. There is one type mandated for many businesses, but it’s important to know what it is and whether you need it. Call us at Versatile Insurance Planners in San Antonio, TX to get started when you need business protection. 

Insurance for Business-Owned Vehicles

If your business is the legal owner of a vehicle, that vehicle has to be covered by a commercial auto insurance policy by state law. This insurance policy will cover both property damage liability and bodily injury liability. Both of these coverage types are required to be in the policy. In addition, you can add other coverage to the policy to cover your property damage or other problems that can happen to your vehicle. Getting collision and comprehensive coverage will keep your vehicle well-protected, as well as protect your finances. 

Workers’ Comp Insurance

While other states require employers to have workers’ compensation insurance within their states, that isn’t the case in Texas. Businesses in the state aren’t required until they contract with government bodies. Though it usually isn’t required, it’s highly recommended to save your business from lawsuits and substantial medical bills if you should have an employee get injured on the job. 

Cover Your Business With Commercial Insurance

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An Unexpected Accident Can Disrupt Your Life and Finances – Don’t Let it Happen

Do you live in San Antonio, TX? Versatile Insurance Planners can explain why automobile insurance is a must. New Hampshire and Virginia are the only two states in the country where it is not required. While it can play havoc with your life and finances, there are other reasons why it is so important.

  • By Texas law, drivers are required to show proof they can pay for accidents they cause. If you get stopped by a policeman or highway patrolman, you could get jail time or at least a hefty fine. Law enforcement is not very forgiving of an uninsured driver.
  • Liability insurance will pay for repairs or replacement of the other driver’s vehicle or damaged property and their medical expenses if you are at fault.
  • You will be compensated if you are injured, or another driver damages your car.
  • Your car will be repaired regardless of who is at fault.
    • Comprehensive insurance covers damage resulting from theft, floods, vandalism, falling trees, animal encounters, and more.
    • Collision insurance will cover the cost of replacing or repairing your vehicle if you cause an accident or if the other driver has no insurance.
  • If an accident is your fault, liability insurance will protect your assets. With no insurance, it is possible to lose your home.
  • For any passengers in your vehicle that may be injured, insurance will cover their medical bills if you are found to be at fault.
  • Finally, automobile insurance can provide peace of mind as it protects you and your financial future.

It is important to note that in an insured driver accident, everyone suffers – not just the uninsured driver. The only winners in an uninsured motorist claim are the attorneys.

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I’m Renting Out My Home. Do I Need To Get Home Insurance?

Whether renting out a room in your home to make some extra cash or leasing out your entire property, it’s essential to have the right insurance in place. If something happens to your property while it’s being rented out, you could be liable. That’s why it’s crucial to have home insurance that covers rental properties. Let’s discuss whether or not you need rental property insurance and what it covers.

Why You Need Home Insurance for Renting

If you’re renting out a room in your home, your homeowner’s insurance policy will likely cover any damages that occur to the property. However, most homeowners insurance policies will not provide coverage if you’re leasing out an entire property. That’s because when you’re renting out a property, it’s considered a business venture. As such, you’ll need to purchase a separate policy that specifically covers rental properties.

What Rental Property Insurance Covers

Rental property insurance is designed to protect you from financial losses that could occur as a result of damages to your property or injuries that occur on the property. It will also cover you if your tenants cause damage to the property. Most rental property insurance policies will cover the following:

  • Property damage caused by tenants or their guests
  • Injuries that occur on the property
  • Loss of income if the property becomes uninhabitable due to damages
  • Legal expenses if a tenant sues you

How Much Does Rental Property Insurance Cost?

The cost of rental property insurance will vary depending on several factors, including the value of your property, the location of your property, and the amount of coverage you need. The type of tenants you have can also impact the cost of your insurance. For example, if you’re renting to college students, you may pay more for insurance than renting to families. To get an accurate estimate of how much it will cost to insure your rental property, speak to Versatile Insurance Planners in San Antonio, TX.


If you’re renting out your home, it’s essential to have the right insurance in place. Rental property insurance will protect you from financial losses resulting from damages to your property or injuries that occur on the property. To get an accurate estimate of how much it will cost to insure your rental property, speak to Versatile Insurance Planners in San Antonio, TX today.

Reasons You May Be Denied Motorcycle Insurance

If you have a history of accidents, moving violations, or tickets, your insurer may be less likely to provide you with a policy. 

Some policies may not be available if you do not meet a minimum age requirement or your motorcycle does not have liability insurance. 

Many policies also require that you have a certain amount of experience on your motorcycle. Versatile Insurance Planners in San Antonio, TX can help if you’ve questions. 

What’s Involved in Motorcycle Insurance Denial 

Motorcycle insurance is not one-size-fits-all, and every policy comes with specific terms and conditions that must be met to be insured. To be granted a policy, the insurer will likely request information about your riding history, bike, and driving record. 

If you have declined coverage or your premium is significantly higher than other drivers, know that you may have violated one or more of these conditions.

The most common reasons for denial of motorcycle insurance are driving violations, a lack of motorcycle experience, and insufficient proof of liability insurance. Other causes may include:

  • For drivers under the age of 21, most insurers will require a parent or guardian to sign an endorsement on the policy
  • For drivers over the age of 69, most insurers will require a doctor’s statement to sign an endorsement on the policy 
  • For drivers with a record of DUIs, most insurers will require a doctor’s statement to sign an endorsement on the policy 
  • Most insurers will require a doctor’s statement to sign an endorsement on the policy for drivers with a record of reckless driving violations.
  • Most insurers will require a doctor’s statement to sign an endorsement on the policy for drivers with gaps in their insurance coverage.
  • You may also be denied insurance if you have multiple DUI or DWI convictions.
  • If you have multiple tickets or an at-fault accident on your driving record, you may not be able to get motorcycle insurance. 
  • If you have had your car repossessed, you may not be able to get motorcycle insurance. 

Parting Thoughts 

You may be denied motorcycle insurance if you have a habit of reckless or unsafe driving. Habitual offenders are not welcomed in the insurance market, and this is especially true for motorcycles. 

If you have a DUI or DWI conviction on your driving record, you will have a more challenging time getting motorcycle insurance. 

Also, without experience, you may not get motorcycle insurance. For inquiries and help, consult the San Antonio, TX firm, Versatile Insurance Planners.

Texas auto insurance: what you need to know

San Antonio, TX drivers can rely on Versatile Insurance Planners for their insurance needs. If you’re getting ready to buy a car or want to take a look at the available options, we can help. Reach out to our team today and set up an appointment to find out more.

Auto insurance information for Texas drivers

Finding the right insurance for your unique needs can be a challenge. But, once you get a better feel for what your needs are and how insurance can help meet them, the process becomes a lot less stressful. The main considerations that you will need to make are:

  • Amount of coverage – the value of your car determines this, how much medical expense coverage you want to have, and how much liability protection you want to carry.
  • Deductible – typically, the higher your deductible, the lower your premiums, and vice versa. Budgetary concerns can often drive these decisions.
  • Features and add-ons – if you want to include features like roadside assistance or car rental reimbursement, you will want to know how that will affect your premiums. 

Once you have narrowed down your needs, it becomes easier to review the policy options that are right for you. If you are feeling overwhelmed, it can help to talk to a local agent who can help guide you through the process. It’s worth the time to find the right policy!

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What are the Minimum Automobile Insurance Requirements in Texas?

In Texas, drivers must carry auto insurance with property damage and bodily injury protection. Drivers who cause an accident must bear financial responsibility for any damages in the event of a car accident. In most cases, insurance providers pay for the cost of damages caused by the holder of the policy.

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Texas Minimum Liability Insurance Requirements

The minimum amount of insurance drivers must carry in Texas is $30,000 for bodily injury, $60,000 for bodily injury for two or more people, and $25,000 for property damage for each accident. "At fault" drivers must have these coverage limits to operate a motor vehicle on Texas roadways.

Additionally, drivers must carry proof of insurance in their vehicles. Law enforcement will verify that all drivers have adequate insurance during a traffic stop. If drivers don’t carry their proof of insurance, they’re subject to penalties and fines (especially if an automobile accident occurs).

Drivers can also choose the coverage that offers personal injury protection for a liability insurance policy. However, this coverage is not a requirement. Since liability policies only cover damage and medical expenses of those other than at-fault drivers, a personal injury protection policy would cover some of the at-fault driver’s expenses. Additionally, drivers can add collision coverage to help pay for vehicle damages.

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Do businesses in San Antonio need commercial insurance?

The San Antonio, TX area continues to experience growth and improvements in the local economy. This can make it a great community to invest in and start a business. While a lot of value comes with business ownership here, you will need to have the right insurance to mitigate various risks that come with owning a business. There are multiple reasons that a business will need to have this coverage for your business. 

Comply with Requirements

Businesses in this area of Texas will need to have coverage because they will have various insurance requirements. Many who choose to start a business will take out loans, raise capital, and sign other agreements that will mandate they maintain certain types and levels of coverage. If you get the right insurance in place, it can ensure you remain appropriately covered. 

Ensure Business is Covered

Another reason that a business owner should get a commercial insurance plan is to ensure their company is appropriately covered. There are various forms of coverage included with a commercial insurance plan. This includes offering liability insurance and giving coverage to protect all of your core assets. Ultimately, if there is a challenging situation that results in a loss, this coverage can help protect your business’s solvency.

A business that operates in the San Antonio, TX area will always find that having proper commercial insurance is a good idea. When you are looking to get insurance for your business, calling the team with Versatile Insurance Planners is a great option. The professionals with Versatile Insurance Planners understand the value of this coverage, and they can provide the guidance you need to build your next plan and policy. 

What is the value of having home insurance in Texas?

People that live in the San Antonio, TX area will find that it is a great place to purchase a home. While there are a lot of advantages to property owners in this area, there are also risks that need to be considered. One way to mitigate various risks is by getting a home insurance plan. A home insurance plan can prove to be valuable in several ways. 

Coverage Protects Your Assets

One of the main reasons that you should get home insurance is that it will protect your important assets. A home insurance plan will offer you support for your dwelling and any of your personal assets, up to the limits set by your policy. This will ensure you have financial support if your home is damaged by bad weather, a fire, vandalism, or another situation that results in a loss. 

Coverage Will Protect Against Liability Claims

You also should aim to get a home insurance plan as it will help protect against your liability risk. There is always a chance that an accident can occur in your home that will result in damages. If this is the case, you could be found responsible for damages incurred. With a home insurance plan, you will get the support that you need to help mitigate this risk and concern. 

There are clearly various benefits that will come with property ownership in San Antonio, TX. As you are looking to purchase a property in this region, it would be a good idea to call Versatile Insurance Planners. With so many choices to make when looking for an insurance plan, calling Versatile Insurance Planners can help as they will help you build a plan that will meet your needs and ensure you are properly covered.